Have you ever imagined what Downton Abbey would be like if it took place in the Iron Islands and was actually a supernatural murder mystery inspired by a Brothers Grimm story?? Well, House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig is all that and much more! Tune in for K’s double entendres and puns and stay for J’s incisive comments about mental illness and ability, along with discussions of numerous other important topics (e.g., whiteness, gender, heteronormativity, class).

Before we send you off into the wonderful world of links, let’s do a bit of housekeeping.

We have been making this podcast for a year…WHAT!?! Time flies when you are having fun creating a thing with your soul-friend. We have decided to end Season 1 of the show and take a short break to glow up the podcast (slash rest and recharge). We will be back with a vengeance on October 1st! We know, we know, parting is such sweet sorrow, so to ease the blow you can look forward to hearing not one, not two, but THREE bloopers at the very end of this ep.

Finally, an enormous thank you to the wonderful Scones & Tomes for starting a goodreads bookclub to read along with us.We <3 U, magical listeners.

Without further ado…LINKSSSSS

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